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This is an easy to follow crochet pattern for a beautiful cuckoo clock. An absolute must have pattern for those who love cuckoo clocks!

The clock’s measurements are: 41cmH x 36cmW x 14cmD or 16”H x 14”W x 5.5”D. The whole clock is made with light weight (3) yarn suitable for amigurumi and a size 2mm crochet hook. You will need these colors: maroon, brown, cream and dark brown. Embroidery/DMC yarn needed: cream, dark brown or black and orange. You will also need: stuffing, tapestry needle, stitch markers, pencil, scissors, cardboard (I used a box from a tv), glue, glue gun, sewing pins, white bead, D ring, needle, 30mm pvc pipe or foam tube. Crochet hook: size 2mm.


**You can use thicker/thinner yarn with a suitable crochet hook. The end result will then just be slightly bigger/smaller than mine.

The crochet pattern, available in English (& Dutch ->, includes lots of pictures to help you along.

If you have any questions about the pattern, feel free to message Sofie in the following places:

***This pattern is a PAID COPYRIGHTED pattern. You CANNOT copy it, claim it as your own, post it online, distribute, publish, share, sell, resell, …this pattern without my written permisson!!! Not even part of it!!! You are allowed to sell the finished product (NOT THE PATTERN ITSELF OF COURSE) but in limited quantities IF you mention the designer (= Sofie Versluys from Craftygenesindonesia) and please mention where they can find the pattern***